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The Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMMRC) at the University of Calicut is the only one of its kind to be set up in Kerala by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Operational since 1998, the Centre is dedicated to harness the information and communication technologies for furthering the cause of higher education.

Equipped with a multicam studio, state-of-the-art production equipment and multimedia workstations, the Centre conducts hardware and software research and produces a variety of products: educational video documentaries, e-content and video lectures on undergraduate subjects of study. more....
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The objective of the documentaries is to stimulate student’s interest in diverse scientific concepts, processes and hitherto unknown facets of Indian art and culture. To realise these objectives, the Centre produces documentaries drawing upon the expertise of eminent teachers and researchers from Universities and premier research institution of Kerala. more....
Besides documentaries, the Centre produces curriculum-based video lecture series in select subjects of undergraduate teaching-learning process, each episode of the series is a teaching module complete with lecture demonstration by teacher(s) followed by discussion with students. more....
The Convergence of information and communication technologies has thrown open the possibility of using multimedia technologies to create Education content in electronic format use in university teaching and learning programmes. more....
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